National Speech Competition 2021

National Speech Competition-2021 is the first  season of National Level Inter Speech Competition, which has started to encourage the student’s speaking confidence from all most every corner of Nepal. With the participation of around 10 districts and with the involvement of more than 100 colleges of Nepal, on the first season. Therefore, we have come up with the motives with much more energy to enlarge the vitality of this journey. 
In, we have included following steps and procedures:
1. Selection Round: In this round, only 5 students will be selected from each district for the knock out round.
2. Knock out round: In this round, only 20 students will be selected for semi- final round.
3. Semi-final: The selection of the finalists will be done as per their performance in the semifinal round. 
Only 10 students will be selected for the final round.
3a. Final: The participants will be speaking in the topic given by the jury member 

The event is based on the following principles: National Sponsorship - Understanding
This is a regional sponsorship to confirm your company’s commitment to the nation and It’s people.
Target Market
By sponsoring this event, we’ll put you in touch with the following target groups in the over strand area:
• With our promotional campaign you will have exposure on all media levels,
• Reaching different groups within the region.
• With the event itself your company will have the opportunity to showcase itself as a caring and committed entity in touch with its community. At the event across-section of decision-makers in the private and public sectors will be your captured audience.
Sponsorship VS the Event
Your association with our event will surely strengthen and enhance your brand in the region. Your association will benefit the following fields of operation:
• Leadership – striving to be a leader. Taking the lead in making sure that ever those in need in the community have a way of obtaining funds.
• Regional pride – contributing for the development of youths of today is the preparation for tomorrow, doing this you on one hand contribute to the society fulfilling are your societal duties and on the other hand you will be indirectly strengthening the economy of the nation.
• The event itself will be a showcase of National level talent from different region of the country.
• This event is an innovative way of developing and promoting the students’ desire for knowledge thus making them updated and forward.
For All the parties and supporters:
This category enlists the privilege provided to every party who sponsors the event for a sum of Rs. 150000/- or more.
- Media sponsor with considerable brand positioning.
- Branding at the event i.e. pull out banners in the foyer and on the other sides of the stage; table talkers exhibition stand in the foyer of the Arabella.
- Branding of logo on all promotional material i.e. advertisement, flyers, posters, etc. and online marketing.
- Placement of logo in all the banners, programs, invitations, menus at the event.
- Access to complete database of the event.
- Below-the-line PR will include press coverage in all local and regional media including print, radio and television.
- Product replacement in our goody bag.

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